More than a brand. We are committed everyday.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple; HBCU apparel lacked the richness and quality of the institutions they sought to represent, so we created a brand to do just that. 

It turns out that most HBCU bookstores and apparel markets are dominated by two groups -- major/high-end sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, and low-end throw-away brands like Gidden, Russell, and Hanes. 

Founders Corin and DeMarco, who directly derive from a legacy of HBCUs, sought to change that; creating a premium lifestyle and sportswear brand that reflects the richness and cultural heritage that our institutions demand. 

Our products and garments are informed by African American heritage yet updated for today, with an emphasis on versatility and comfort. Garments that can be worn with blazers to the office or with designer trousers; ultimately dressed up or down; and sport-inspired casual wear built for style, quality, and utility.  Every garment reflects a commitment to quality, integrity, and heritage, as well as the belief that any garment that bodes the name of an HBCU should be of the highest quality, and well-made.  

We also believe in reinvesting in our communities so that tomorrow the next Corin or DeMarco have the same opportunities we had. 

While college enrollment for Blacks has increased in recent years, our youth are still struggling to graduate. It takes 45.9% of Black students 6 years to graduate from a 4-year institution, proving that most Black students aren't prepared for success. To help address this problem, Corin DeMarco partners with non-profits and Christian religious organizations to ensure that for every product that is sold, dollars are being reinvested and distributed back into our communities. 

Visit our corporate responsibility page for more information.

There is nothing complicated about it. Look good, feel good, and if you feel good, you perform good...